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ASID Designer Direct

Ray Levy with Sunbelt Window Film is the
Industry Partner Director 2008 thru 2010 for the
American Society of Interior Designers

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Interior Designers
Thank you for your interest.

If you been active with TGCC - ASID you most likely have heard of my company Sunbelt Window Film and my services to the design industry. We have been in the solar control film business since 1961 and my 48 years in the industry have given me invaluable practical experience. I am familiar with your customers needs for a sun control film and their costly and upsetting fade and damage issues.

a design spacer It has been my focus to work with ASID Interior Designers personally and remain active as your Industry Partner Director 2008 thru 2010.

Every designer receives my personal attention to detail and your clients are given the highest professional services possible.

When my thorough presentation of window film is complete, your client will know more about window film than many window film dealers and in a position to make a decision based on product knowledge, honest and truthful. You will not find a more professional business with integrity and high degree of ethics. You expect it, your customers deserve it and I demand it.

I work on a referral fee basis with most Interior Designers. Since my involvement with ASID I have worked with 15 out of the last 18 past presidents and a countless number of designers. If you would like to validate these claims, I have a tremendous list of ASID designer referrals for the asking. Something I am very proud of.

American Society of Interior Designers
Sunbelt Window Film

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