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Sunbelt Window Film - Houston, Texas

Biographical Summary Ray Levy

Ask The Expert - Ray Levy -
Sunbelt Window Film - Houston Texas

    54 Years of Success in Managing Glass Tinting Business

  • Sun Control Glass Tinting, New York (1961-1978): Authorized Dealer of the Year; won major contracts with New York Stock Exchange IBM, Grumman Aerospace, Exxon, Kennedy Airport, Eastern Airlines, New York Port Authority

  • Houston Solar Control (1978-1987): First and only successful Sears (SFI) Window Tinting operation in the nation; Selected for Dealer Advisory Board

  • Sunbelt Distribution (1997-2003): Selected as Film Technologies International, TX, LA, MS and AL for Sun-Gard Window Films and Glass-Gard Safety & Security Films

   Noted Speaker and Trainer
  • Guest speaker for ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and Houston High-rise Condominium Association, 1996

  • Trained more than 1100 window film (1985-2007)

  • Window Film advisor to Houston Light & Power 1983-1988

  • Consultant to numerous homeowner associations for window film management

  • Architectural Committee, Green Trails Homeowners Association 1993-2003

  • Guest speaker at 2000 & 2001 Glass TEXPO in San Antonio

  • The only nationally recognized ASID - CEU presenter for Window Film

   Recognized Leader in Industry Organizations
  • Founder & President, Industry Partners, Resource Alliance Group Services

  • Chairman, ASID Bazaar, Fabric Committee (1996)

  • Nominated Industry Partner Liaison to ASID 2002 & 2003

  • ASID Speaker "Protecting your Work"

  • Chairman Industry Partner participation 2007 "Event at the Ballpark"

  • Kingwood College Advisory Board for Interior Design

  • Instructor/Speaker Metrocon 08, Dallas

   Expert in Residential and Commercial Window Film
  • Attained steady growth in flat glass market during retail dealership and distribution activities 1978-2006

  • Cultivated a network of more than 920 dealers through Gulf States region

  • Assigned to Film Technologies Advisory Board for flat glass marketing and growth

  • Formulated national program for Diamond Dealer Extended Warranty

  • Originator of the Annual Tint-Off 1988. The world's largest window tint competition

  • International Window Coverings Expo, New Orleans 2001 - Presenter

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Window Film

16820 Barker Springs Rd, #510
Houston, TEXAS 77084
(281) 579-0200
(800) 324-7575
Fax (281) 579-7606

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Protect Your 
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while Enhancing your view 
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-  Houston, Texas  - 
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protect valuables from
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