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Sunbelt Window Film - Houston, Texas

Safety and Security

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not penetrate security window film Window Film is strong stuff. The weakest link in any building construction is the glass. Wood, aluminum, steel, concrete, bricks and mortar, are all strong, but glass is so easy to shatter and can become extremely dangerous and downright terrifying if not treated with the correct window film. When glass breaks and explodes adding window film can reduce the risk of personal property damage, severe personal injury or even death.

Safety and Security films are engineered with powerful adhesives. Laminated to the interior surface of glass our films reduce the hazard of broken glass keeping glass in the frame.

Concerned about vandalism, violent weather or accidental breakage, window film can ease your anxiety. Window film keeps glass in the frame where it belongs.

Safety and Security films are crystal clear but are also available tinted with a light density barely detectable exotic metals such as: Titanium, Graphite, Aluminum Oxide, Stainless Steel, etc. or highly reflective and extremely energy efficient.

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