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Sunbelt Window Film - Houston, Texas

Lower A/C Cost and Save Energy

a design spacer Everyone loves the sun. Sunshine feels good and does wonderful things for our daily lives. In Texas, the hot blazing sun is not without problems. Most homes in Texas have high air conditioning costs which can be directly attributed to the sun's infrared heat entering through unprotected windows and glass doors. When direct infrared heat comes in contact with an object, furniture, carpeting, etc. the heat builds up.

The more sun passes through the glass the more your air conditioning has to fight to maintain your comfort level in a cool home. If your air conditioning runs overtime to cool your home it is burning more energy, which can lead to high monthly electric bills.

Sun Control Window Film does a remarkable job of keeping the sun from entering your home. Our new ceramic films are specifically designed to reject infrared. No longer does a highly reflective metal film have to be used to stop the heat without being noticed.

Our film is there all the time and there is no reason to lower shades, close draperies, shut blinds or use shutters. You will appreciate using your window treatments open and enjoy the outdoors.

With all the attention to go Green today, window film is the ideal solution. Houston Lighting and Power has said after studies, " Window film is the most effective and least expensive way to keep the sun from entering your home or business through glass windows and doors".

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