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Sunbelt Window Film - Houston, Texas

Corporate History

a design spacer reduce energy costs Sunbelt Window Film has more years in the business and practical experience than any other window film company in Houston, Texas, or for that matter in the world. Since 1961, Sunbelt has maintained steady growth and boasts the largest selection of window film in the south. We understand the residential and commercial markets thoroughly and have narrowed down your film choices to only the finest in the industry. Therefore your selection is made easy and quality workmanship and service remain high.

We have installed and are responsible for in excess of 17,000,000 (17 million) square feet of window film to always grateful and appreciative customers since 1961.

For over 30 years Houston's homeowners and builders, interior designers, building owners and managers, retail stores and commercial properties and our long list of truly satisfied customers have relied on our expertise to solve their sun control problems.

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